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Hello! My name is Sara. And this tumblr is about one direction. I'm not english, so some of my English is probably wrong, so sorry about that. If you have any questions just push the "Any questions?" button and ask me! :)

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Can someone please explain what Mr. X is?

I’m very confused…

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  1. begussbass answered: mr.x in dövmelerle alakası nee ?? :D
  2. oh-i-care-too-much answered: um… I don’t know too but I think it isn’t true maybe ;D
  3. elroubi answered:…
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  5. sexcarpenterr answered: Shit all of the Fucking Directionators say. It pisses me off It’s all BULLSHIT.
  6. vanilla-nyc answered: bullshit
  7. hrryhstyels answered:… This is what it is… (:
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  9. raeofsunshine1999 answered: Idk but I’m scared
  10. tamaratalhouk answered: HE SENT ME THIS ON TUMBLR: “The time will come a heart soon to stop beating” Its really long, but he wants Harry to die, thats what it said.
  11. directionerxd123 answered: He is apparently someone who speaks in riddles that used to be management and he says that there are codes in TMH about bad things to come…
  12. superwholockedfor1d answered: He is bull. But he speaks the truth about the storm. We are the storm amd we willl cause damage if we dont put are diffrences aside.
  13. harryluver101 answered: He is saying Directioners are the storm and because of us one direction may fall
  14. someonesomewhereismadeforme answered: He’s this Anon who is going to murder a baby that had to do with 1D. Something to go with MSG. and something about Larry. and this riddle
  15. onediewrekshun answered: something to do with Larry ??
  16. sheisinlovewithbieber answered: I hope it’s all a not funny joke.
  17. breannarose98 answered: What is the Larry Storm thing or Mr.x
  18. justfrickfrackingkissme answered: He is the professer guy from x men
  19. harrycunty answered: People are saying there’s going to be some big announcement regarding larry go to my blog my fpost is about it.
  20. breakingamillionhearts answered: it is about this person that is just saying that something really bad is going to happen and is talking about this ¨larry storm¨
  21. jacqueline-christinee answered: it was fake it was stan lucas saying there was going to be a big anouncment about larry tomorrow at noon he just wanted to see the reactions
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