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Preference #13 - A truth or dare game you have to kiss another band member (requested)

Zayn: ”(Y/N), truth or dare?” Louis ask. “Hmm, dare,” you said and smiled. “Okay, you need to… kiss Harry!” he said. Zayn looked at him like what-the-fuck. He just shrugged. “Well, now that you take dare, you need to do it,” Louis said. You looked at Zayn. He nodded but didn’t look so happy about it. You sighed and went to Harry. Gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. You sat back down to your place. “I’m better, right,” Zayn whispered to you. “Always,” you said. “I know you liked it, (Y/N)!” Harry said and winked. “In your dreams, Styles,” you laughed. 

Harry: ”You need to kiss Louis!” Harry said. “What?” you said. Did just your boyfriend dare you to kiss another boy? “Yes, you need to kiss him,” he said. “Come on,” You looked over to Louis, he just shrugged. You walked over to him and kissed him. You walked back to you place. Harry just went on like nothing happened. 

Niall: You had to kiss Liam in truth or dare the other day. Niall said he was ok with it, but you saw that he was not himself. “Niall? What is it?” you asked. He sighed. “Did Liam kiss you better then I do? Do want to be his girlfriend?” he asked. “What?! No!” you said. “You seem to like the kiss,” he said sad. “No, Niall. I didn’t like it. The only kisses I like is yours,” you said and kissed him. “I love you, ok?” you asked. He nodded and kissed you again.

Louis: You and Louis had just been together for 4 days. So you still haven’t told it to anyone, so when you played truth or dare you had to kiss Niall. Louis was a little angry, but since no one know that you were together he didn’t say anything. You kissed Niall on the lips, a little longer then you had planned and Louis walked out of the room. You sighed. “What’s up with him?” Harry asked. You walked after him. “Louis, come on,” you said. “Stop,” you said and faced him. “You kissed him for like 10 seconds,” he said. “No, it was like 4,” you said. “What ever,” he said. “Louis, I love you,” you said. “You love me?” he asked. “Yes, Louis. I love you,” you said and smiled. “I love you too,” he said and kissed you.

Liam: ”Kiss Zayn!” Harry shouted. “What?” you and Liam said. “You picked dare, I said you had to kiss Zayn, so kiss him,” he said. I looked over to Liam. “It’s ok,” he said. You kissed Zayn fast on the lips and went back to Liam. “I’m better, right?” he asked. “Of course,” you said. “HEY! I’m not that bad,” Zayn shouted in protest. You just laughed.

- Sorry, this sucked. 

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