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Preference #12 - He sees you with another celeb after the break up and wants you back (requested) part 2/2

I’m writing from his pov. 

Liam: I threw the magazine in the trash. “Tom Felton’s new girl” was the title. And it was a picture of him and (Y/N) kissing and other picture of them on a date. I sat down in the couch. I begin crying. She had moved on. She had found another boy. “Liam?” I looked up. “Zayn, hello. I just, uhm-” “-crying. You are crying. Why?” he asked. “(Y/N) have moved on,” I said sad. “How do you know? Have you talked to her?” he asked and sat down beside me. “No, but she is with Tom Felton-” “- Oh, I love him,” Zayn said. I gave him a death stare. “Sorry,” “Anyway, I saw a picture of them kissing and other picture from a date,” I said and the tears came again. “I’m sorry, buddy. But don’t you think it’s time to forget her? Find someone else?” he said. “What? I love her, Zayn. HER, not someone else,” I said kinda angry. “I can’t live without her Zayn, I just can’t,” I cried. “Call her, then,” he said and gave me the phone. “But, I can’t jus-” “- It’s already calling,” he said. “Hello?” I heard from the phone. (Y/N). Zayn walked out from the room. “(Y/N), hey,” I said. “Liam?” she asked. “Yes, uhm, I just saw some pictures in a magazine. You and this Tom Felton guy,” I said. “Yeah? What about them?” she asked. “Are you two dating?” I asked. She laughed. “God, no, he is just a friend,” she said. I was confused. “So, you go and kiss all your friends?” I asked. “No, I’m in a movie with him. And it was a kissing scene,” she said. “Are you in a movie? With Tom Felton? But why did it stand ‘Tom Felton’s new girl?” I asked. “Yes, I’m in a movie with Tom Felton. Because media always make stuff up, we are just friends. And Tom has a girlfriend anyway,” she said. “Oh, you see… I miss you really much, can we try one more time?” I asked. “Hmm.. yes, tomorrow 7 pm?” she asked. “Yes,” I said happy. 

Zayn: ”Zayn is that (Y/N)?” Harry asked. I turned around. (Y/N) and Cody Simpson. What? She had moved on? “Yes, it is (Y/N),” I said. “With Cody Simpson,” “Talk to her,” Louis said. I was already on my way. “Hey,” I said. “Who are you?” (Y/N) asked. What? She don’t know who I am. She face palmed herself. “You Zayn Malik right? From One Direction?” She asked. Ok, is this a kind of joke? “Uhm, yeah,” I said confused. “(Y/N), just go and find a table, I need to talk to Zayn,” Cody said. “Ok,” she said and walked away. “Nice too meet you,” she turned around and said. I faked a smile. “What was that about?” I asked Cody. “She has been in a car accident, and-” “WHAT? Why didn’t anyone tell me?!” I asked. “Because her phone was crushed, and I didn’t know your number, I would call you if I had the number,” he said. I nodded. “But yeah, she had lost her memory, she only remember whats happened the last three months,” he said. “So, she have forgotten the relationship we had?” I asked sad. He nodded and gave me a sad look. “I’m sorry, but she don’t remember you, I try to remind her,” he said. I nodded slowly and sighed. “Well, take care of her,” I said. “I will,” he said. I nodded, gave him a fake smile and walked to the boys. “So?” they asked. “She had been in a car accident and lost her memory, so she doesn’t remember us,” I said. “What?” Louis asked. “She doesn’t remember anything, just the last three months,” I said and a tear felt down. “I’m so sorry,” they all said. 

Louis: We were on the VMA. I saw other people with their girlfriends and boyfriends. I wish (Y/N) was here. “(Y/N), Taylor, look this way,” I heard people say. I turned around and saw Taylor Lautner and (Y/N). My (Y/N). Ok, she’s not mine anymore, but, in my head she’s still mine. SHE’S MINE! I was in my own thought and suddenly I heard someone say “Louis!” “Huh?” I said. (Y/N) smiled to me. “Hello,” she said. “(Y/N), hey!” I said. “How are you?” she asked. “Well, honestly I’m not good,” I said. “What happened?” she asked worried. “I miss you,” I sighed. “But you moved on with Taylor I see, so,” I said. “What? Me and Taylor? We are not dating! We just really good friends,” she said and giggled. “And, I miss you too,” she said and gave me a small smile. “Does that mean?” “Mean what?” she asked. “Oh, uhm, I thought that,” I said. She laughed. “Just kidding,” she said. “Haha, very funny,” I said and faked a laughed on purpose. She giggled. “Do you want to date me again? Try again?” I asked. “I want to skip the whole date part thing before we get together. Can’t we just jump to the ‘do you want to be my girl’ part,” she smiled. I laughed, she’s so cute. “Ok,” I said. “Do you want to be my girl, (Y/N)?” I asked sweet. “Oh gosh, Louis Tomlinson just asked me to be his girlfriend,” she said fangirling. I laughed again because she was so silly. “Joking. But, yeah, I want to be you girlfriend, Lou,” she said and kissed me.

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