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Preference #12 - He sees you with another celeb after the break up and wants you back (requested) part 1/2

I’m writing it in his pov. 

Harry: 4 months since me and (Y/N) broke up. Just because I was stupid enough to kiss another girl. The boys and I were on milkshake city. Suddenly I heard a familiar laugh. It was (Y/N) and… Zac Efron?! He laughed too and kissed her. Had she moved on? The boys notice that I was looking at her. I felt like I wanted to cry. “Go talk to her then,” Louis said. I nodded. “Uhm, hey,” I said. (Y/N) turned around, and so did Zac. “Harry,” she said. “Long time ago,” she said and gave me a hug, surprised I hugged back. “Can I talk to you?” I asked. She nodded. “Uhm, alone,” I said. “Oh, yeah. Uhm, Zac can you just order for me? And find a table, I be back in a minute,” she said and pulled me outside. “You dating Zac?” I asked. “Yes, I do,” she said. I nodded. I didn’t know how to say it, so I was quiet. “Was that all?” she asked with a giggle. “Uhm, no. Or, I. Just, uhm, I,” I stuttered. I sighed. “I miss you, (Y/N), what I did was stupid. I love you. I never loved her,” I said. She looked shocked. “I, wait what?” she asked. “I miss you and want you back, (Y/N). I love you,” I said. “I miss you too. But, Harry, I’m with Zac now, and I love him, and-” “Really? do you really love him?” I interrupted her. “Well, yeah,” she said. I kissed her. “Did you feel that?” I asked her, still standing close to her and looked her in the eyes. “Yes. Harry, I never stopped loving you,” she said. I kissed her again. She kissed back and we started to make out slowly. “Do you want to be my girl again?” I asked her. “Yes, I love to,” she smiled. Now she just had to tell Zac. Uh-oh.

Niall: I heard screaming. I thought it was because of me and Liam. But then I heard; “OMG, IT IS JUSTIN BIEBER AND (Y/FULL/N)!” What? (Y/N) and Justin Bieber? I turned around and saw her, hand in hand with the one and only Justin Bieber. “Liam, do I see right?” I asked in shock. Liam turned around. “(Y/N) and Justin?” he asked. I nodded, so it is true. “Go talk to her,” Liam said. “But, she’s with Justin,” “Well, you can talk to her if you want to, come on,” he said and pushed me. “Okay, okay, okay. I talk to her,” I said and walked over to them. “(Y/N), hey,” I said. “Niall? Hello, long time ago,” she said and smiled to me. “Hey, bro!” Justin said. I smiled to him. “So, you two are together?” I asked. “Yeah, we are,” (Y/N) smiled. I faked a smile back. “Can I just talk to you alone for a minute?” I asked her, still with the fake smile. “If it’s ok for you, of course,” I said and turned to Justin. He nodded and smiled. “What is it?” she asked. “I miss you,” I said and blushed a bit. “I mean, like my girlfriend,” I said. She looked at me shocked. “What? Niall, it’s been over a year,” she said. “I know, but I never stopped loving you, so I haven’t been on a date,” I said, and blushed again. “Oh. But Niall, I think you need to forget me. I mean, I would like to have you as a friend, but I love Jusitn, sorry,” she said. I nodded sad. “I’m really sorry, Niall,” she said again and hugged me. “It’s ok,” I said and smiled to her. “But I really want to keep you as a friend,” she smiled. I smiled back. “Bestfriends?” I asked. She giggled. “Bestfriends,” she said. 

Do you want the 3 other boys too? 

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